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Training and Workshops

Develop Your Team

With over 25 years of experience researching and developing curriculum assisting organizations to develop their teams, Antenore & Associates has led workshops on such topics as:

  • Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Performance Coaching
  • Communication
  • Leadership Strategies
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Development

We actively research and develop curriculum based on the goals and priorities of our clients. The above topics are examples and are updated regularly. We work with clients to plan training workshops in-person and/or virtually. Sessions may be conducted over hours or days, including multi-day workshops. Continued and ongoing support is available. 

A priority for many of our clients is to leverage the diversity of their teams and foster inclusion, engagement, and motivation. We assist in the development of a business environment where diversity and intercultural communication are valued and contribute to successful business outcomes. We provide ways to practice inclusion so organizations can pursue the added benefits to their customers and organization.

Our team is always learning so that we can share best practices and bring value to organizations in multiple sectors. We take part in our own continued professional development to bring state-of-the-art strategies to our clients.


The Latin roots of the word “education”:

  1. Educere: To bring out or lead out or draw out.
  2. Educare: To bring up,  rise up, train, nourish, educate, support, or produce.
Our in-person and virtual training and workshops are not a one-way flow of information, but rather actively engage participants. Our sessions are designed to cultivate, discover, and draw out ideas from the participants. We have a bias toward action and application, so our goals always include supporting the development of skills and capacities participants can apply in their roles at work. 

Angela is a highly trusted partner in our leadership training programs. She is highly collaborative and has subject matter expertise on a broad spectrum of leadership approaches from Strategic Leadership to Cultural Competency and much more.

- Gina Rae Hendrickson

Learning and Organizational Development Manager, County of Ventura