Antenore & Associates

Our Services Include:

Leadership Development

Identify and create strategies to develop your leaders so they can function at their best and add value to your business and organization.

2024: Valuing IDEA

Focused on the ever-changing environment in which we work, we support organizations to lead meaningful systemic cultural change. We actively create tailored efforts where teams can contribute from their diverse experiences, skills, and backgrounds so everyone benefits.  

The research is clear: Using best practices in DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion), people feel a greater sense of belonging, are more likely to access the information and tools they need, and are more motivated and encouraged to contribute their best. Organizations, and the people in them, see better results, are more resilient, and cultivate new ideas and innovative approaches to their work. 

At Antenore & Associates, we utilize a diverse team and access an extensive international network of professionals to assist you in developing and executing tailored strategies. Let us help you gain the benefits of diverse perspectives, practice inclusion, and pursue equity to help our organizations and communities become healthier, stronger, and more successful.

With 30 years of experience in DE&I and organizational development, the team at Antenore & Associates provides training, facilitation, and coaching to support positive change in your organization. We look forward to hearing from you so we can do this important work together.



Strategic Planning

Determine specific, strategic goals and opportunities for your leaders to be successful. Use our proven experience working in various sectors including: business, non-profit/NGO’s, government and public agencies, academic institutions and community-based organizations.


We have consulted internationally in:

Leverage Diversity

Leverage the diverse experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, and skills of your team. Given our experience working with people from all over the world, we have a demonstrated commitment to valuing diversity and employing inter-cultural skills and perspectives.

(Se habla español.) Members of our team are bi-lingual in English/Spanish.

Customized Approach

Our customized consulting services are designed to match your particular business and organization. This includes corporations, businesses, start-ups, government/public sector agencies, nonprofits, foundations, and universities. 

Virtual Flexibility

With more organizations working in a hybrid work environment, we keep up-to-date with online facilitation products and strategy. We customize our services to support our clients virtually in all of our offered services. 

What We Do

My mission is to make organizations better for the people in them so they can do their best work.

I believe when people are engaged and included they will positively impact their team’s ability to pursue the organization’s goals. By working with you to design and develop approaches for individuals, teams, and organizations, we can create an environment where people can reach their potential. 

Through encouraging curiosity and continuous learning, together we will leverage the diverse perspectives and experiences of your teams, customers and communities. 

Using 20+ years of professional experience, I will assist you to create an organizational culture which engages and motivates your teams and positively impacts the people we serve.

Antenore and Associates CEO/Principal