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Customized Consulting

Antenore & Associates creates customized approaches to assist organizations to develop and cultivate their leaders and teams. We engage with our clients using current approaches, which are easy to understand and implement.
We work with executives, managers/supervisors/staff, policymakers, foundations, business owners, non-profits, and community members. We assist our clients to:
  • Use leadership potential to best serve the needs of the organization, customers, clients, and diverse communities.
  • Incorporate the perspectives and contributions of your diverse staff and partners.
  • Focus leaders to build, engage and develop high-performing teams.
  • Engage staff so they can best contribute to the organization’s success.
Examples of customized services we have provided to clients in the past:
  • Off-site Retreats
  • Strategy Development
  • Preparing Effective Board Meetings
  • Leadership Development/Coaching
  • 360 Evaluations
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“Angela is an excellent facilitator and coach. She skillfully navigates challenges and presents positive, productive solutions that are tailored to her client. Angela provides a high level of support and commitment to her clients, which distinguishes her from other professionals in the field. Angela’s insightful and sensitive approach made all the difference, and allowed us to make progress far beyond what was envisioned.”

- Michelle Greene

Former City Manager, City of Goleta